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Responsible Vendor Training


The Responsible Vendor Training Program established in 2020 by the Cannabis Control Commission. Our Veteran & woman owned business is proud to provide compliance training to the cannabis industry with the highest level of integrity & professionalism. Our training covers all the information required by the Cannabis Control Commission for annual training under 935 CMR 500.105(2).

The Basic Core Curriculum is mandatory for all Massachusetts licensed cultivators, managers and employees that handle cannabis to include Marijuana Establishment Agents, Craft Cooperatives, Marijuana Research Facilities, Marijuana Testing Laboratories, Microbusinesses, Laboratory Agents, Marijuana Product Manufacturers, Medical Marijuana Treatment Center Agents, Marijuana Delivery Operators and more.

As a steward of the community our training highlights the importance of diversity and cultural competency in the cannabis industry. Our training also emphasizes the importance of knowing all required Cannabis Control Commission regulations, compliance practices, health, and safety standards.  The Basic Core Curriculum must be completed within 90 days of hiring and the CCC requires that the training be taken annually. 

The Basic Core Curriculum has been utilized by thousands looking to get into the industry from entrepreneurs, investors, medical professionals, consultants, lawyers, job seekers and so many more. You owe it to yourself to find out if the cannabis industry is right for you.

For convenience we provide both in person and online training.

Making Bubble Hash - Ice Water Hashish with Kyle "Elmo" Corrao

kyle youtube.jpg

Kyle "Elmo" Corrao who has made hashish from Humboldt California to Winthrop Maine was generous with his time and knowledge to teach this free hash class for Veterans. Our hope is this video will inspire you.


It was an honor for Sinsemilla Seminars to work with Kyle Corrao. On January 13, 2017 Sinsemilla Seminars collaborated with the Homegrown Healthcare of Maine to hold a Bubble Hash 101 class with a live demo on how to make ice water hash.

* Fun fact: Kyle held multiple free classes for Veterans at the Homegrown Healthcare of Maine.

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