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Testimonials & Reviews

The Good Word - Find out what our students & clients are saying

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Name: Beth Waterfall

Company: Elevate Northeast 

Attended: Cultivation Seminar

Student Testimonial: " You want to transform your understanding of cannabis and further transform your life? Sign up for a class with Ellen Brown. She provides a warm and welcoming environment for people of all levels of cannabis experience to learn about everything from how to grow cannabis at home to why it was ever illegal in the first place. Learning from Ellen Brown can change your life - go for it!"

Name: Dr. Marion McNabb

Company: Cannabis Community Care and Research Network (C3RN)

Attended: Cultivation Seminar

Student Testimonial: "I attended a cultivation course offered in partnership with ELEVATE New England and was very happy with the quality of the content delivered, the colleagues and fellow learners I met at the course and recommend any interested cultivator to learn from Green Path Training."     



Name: Julia Jerome

Company: The Healing Rose

Attended: Culinary Cannabis, Cultivation & Dispensary Patient Services

Student Testimonial: "Ellen welcomed me into the Cannabis Industry with open arms. I was a CT medical patient & began taking some of her classes through Cannahealth in CT. I took classes on Culinary Cannabis, Commercial Cultivation, and Dispensary Patient Services. These classes inspired me to dive into the industry."

Name: Michael Goodenough

Company: D&G AgTek & Sweetheal

Attended: Company Training

Client Testimonial: "Ellen trained my entire team in 2015 and her mentorship, guidance and constant education are the reason for our placement in hemp history! your knowledge is now passed on with everyone we touch!! much love and deepest respects!! D&G AgTek and Sweetheal."

Name: Aja Atwood

Company: Trella Technologies 

Attended: Cultivation Seminar

Student Testimonial: "I’ve known Ellen for several years now. She was my instructor for my first cultivation class and I still see and use her as an authority re: all things cannabis. She rocks and her knowledge runs deep!"


Name: Kyle "Elmo" Corrao

Attended: Cultivation & Hemp

Student Testimonial: "Ellen is a wonderful woman who is an inspiration to anyone she comes into contact with. Her knowledge of all things cannabis is absolutely unparalleled, and her ability to communicate and pass on that knowledge to people of all ages is equally impressive." -E


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